Continental climates usually experience hot summers and colder winters, being far away from the moderating influence of the ocean, which keeps climates milder in winter and cooler in summer. This is because soil and rock have a much lower heat capacity than water, and therefore gain and lose heat much more quickly. Continental climates are often found to be relatively dry. Most of the moisture carried by air masses originating over ocean regions far away is lost as rainfall earlier in its journey.
The Mode-Gakuen Spiral Towers spiral towers in Nagoya are 36 storeys high, and reaches a height of 170 meters. They were designed by the architectural group Nikken Sekkei, because of the height of the building a very complex ventilation system had to be installed.

They included a series of ecological features including a double glazed air flow system, and a natural air ventilation system. The double glazed air flow system reduces heat in the building significantly, it works by passing the indoor/outdoor air between two panes of glass, the cavity between the two panes of glass contains blinds that can be shut or opened according to the heating requirements.

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The Gaxprom Neft headquarts in St. Petersburg is set to be the tallest tower in europe. It is being designed by a UK based architectural firm called foster and partners. It is going to be the worlds largest naturally ventilated building, when it is estimated to be completed in 2012. It will use a ‘energy cycle’ system to regulate energy, hot water and tempreturein the building, there is also set to be a series of green indoor gardens, these will assist with the ventilation system by improving the indoor air quality .

The shape of the building maximises the buildings exposure to sunlight, which means the tower has to use less electricity and heating during the daytime. The sky scraper is set to reinforce economic and social vitality in Russia, the project was started in 2007 and is proposed to finish in 2012.

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