CONCEPT: Completed in 2008, this concrete house covers 465 square metres on a 3,640 square metre site. Undertaken by Andrés Remy, Hernán Pardillos, Paula Mancini, Lucila Lopez, Julieta Rafel, Lilian Kandus, Coral Banegas, the concept of the house was inspired by the clients love of orchids, where it is based on the different parts of the orchid; the roots, the stem and the flower.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The house has many energy efficient features, including natural lighting and ventilation throughout. In creating the design Andres Remy Architects incorporated a number of sustainable features and considered the use of energy and water, natural ventilation and lighting, as well as the use of low environment impact materials. 

The use of materials in the building, including the concrete also provides thermal mass and a high level of insulation, minimising heat loss and improving the overall energy efficiency of the building.

DESIGN: The orientation of each of the rooms of the house were a significant factor in the design. The use of each room was designated according to when they would be used during the day and position of the sun. 

The windows are all double glazed with aluminium frames. The walls and ceilings have been built with air chambers, ensuring maximum insulation. 
Architect drawing showing ventilation and daylighting strategy
Lower ventilation plan
The location of the opening windows also helps to decrease the humidity in the room and the use of larger opening windows also ensures a good distribution of fresh air.  
VENTILATION: The positioning of the windows are carefully planned to enable natural cross ventilation and air circulation. The level of the ventilation also ensured that the maximum fresh air impact was at human level. 

Upper ventilation plan